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MFC Portfolios was founded in 2002 as Leahy Wealth Management and as one of the first advisors in the nation to offer personal portfolios largely constructed with index-based ETF's.

The firm was also an early adapter of the no commission / fee only fiduciary care model. Designed to remove the inherent conflicts of interest from the advisory process, and always place the clients interests first.

MFC Portfolios Was Founded On Three Core Concepts:

Offer inexpensive index-based ETF portfolios to individual & professional investors.
Make the wealth management process more transparent, understandable, & controllable.
Client interests always come first, with no sales products or commissions – ever!
Custodial Security With Fidelity

Custodial Security With Fidelity

Fidelity Investments acts as the custodian of client assets for the firm. Independently contracting with Fidelity is entirely for the protection and peace of mind of MFC Portfolios clients.

Fidelity’s role as custodian of assets also provides the firm with a dedicated full back-office support team, as well as Fidelity’s comprehensive end-line processing of client statements and tax documentation.

It is important to note that MFC Portfolios is not affiliated with, or an agent of Fidelity. As such, the firm remains fiercely independent.

Bottom line: Fidelity provides our clients the “security” of a Wall Street heavyweight holding their assets, while we provide the “confidence” of working with an advisor not beholden to anything other than their client’s best interest.

Wealth & Investment Management

We offer comprehensive fee-only wealth management for high net worth individuals – without the conflict of product sales.

Our investment management service is part of our wealth management platform, but is also offered as a standalone service to both individual & institutional investors.

We only work with clients as a “fiduciary” partner required by law to place our clients interest ahead of our own.


Portfolio Management


Fidelity provides the security of a Wall Street Heavyweight as our clients custodian of assets, while we provide the confidence of working with an  advisor not beholden to anything other than their clients best interest. 

Downside active risk management grounded in time-tested strategic ETF portfolios is the foundation of our quantitative approach, and is ideally suited for investors with significant portfolios.

MFC Portfolios is an independent advisor and is not affiliated with an investment bank, or any other corporate entity. The firm and the advice it provides is completely independent.

The Fiduciary Difference. Different isn't always better, but in the dysfunctional and non-transparent world of wealth and investment management it's vital to be different.

An Ongoing Commitment

Estate Plan Administration

  • Wills, Trusts, GRATs
  • Family Foundations
  • Family Partnerships

Tax Planning

  • Personal Tax Return Preparation
  • Tax and Projection Analysis
  • Not-For-Profit and Business Returns

Business and Property Related Services

  • Business Retirement Plan Administration
  • P & L Analysis, Valuations, and Succession Planning
  • Property Management

Strategic Alliances

On behalf of the firms clients MFC Portfolios acts as a team leader by encouraging and supporting collaboration with their client’s accountants, attorneys, and business managers to better assure a cohesive financial life plan.

For those clients in need of additional service providers the firm is happy to refer qualified professionals for consideration. These independent alliances with attorneys, accountants, and others provide clients with further access to areas, such as:


About Us

MFC Portfolios offers standalone investment management as well as a full suite of private wealth and retirement planning services to high net worth individuals.

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Phone Number:

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